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The hand was creeping its way lower and lower from your shoulder down to your chest. In your inebriated state you didn’t react at first, but when he brushed over your breast, you jerked away.

“Get the hell, ‘ff me! Bastard…” You slurred angrily.

He was the one who brought you to this party. You thought he was nice but now that you were drunk he was showing his true colors. Hurt, you turned away from him.

“Come on, (name) baby. Relax a little…” He grinned and moved his hand back to your shoulders.

“Fuck off!” You snapped.

You pushed him off and stumbled to collect your purse. You stumbled out the door in your high heels you were relieved to see he wasn’t following you. You scrubbed a loose tear of your face for a moment, refusing to cry.

As you stood on the curb in the cold you realized you had no way of getting home. You pulled out your phone and glanced at the time. 2 in the morning. You cursed; your friend was not going to be happy with you.

You sighed and pulled up your contact list and wobbled as you smashed the buttons on your phone calling your friend, (friendname) to come get you.

After a few moments you heard the phone pick up.

“(Friendname)! Will you come get me? I’m at that party at Jason’s and I’m drunk… That doooouche bag kept making passes and I now I’m stranded… Pleeeeease? It’s cold and daaaaaarrrrrk,” you ended with a small whine.

You heard shuffling on the other end of the phone and decided to hang up before she could give you an earful.

You sunk to the curb and blew a bit of hair out of your face. You hoped she came to get you soon.

You waited there for 15 minutes, drunkenly humming to yourself and playing a stupid game on your phone, trying not to think about how sour the night had turned. You heard a car pull up and your head shot up excitedly.

Your eyebrows furrowed however, when you didn’t recognize the car and furrowed even more when it wasn’t your friend that stepped out, but Matthew Williams.

You knew him from your Political Science class. You had talked quite often, even studied together a few times. You thought that he was cute. He was a sweet but quiet guy. You wondered what he was doing here at this time of night. His eyes were looking around so you called out to him.

“Heeeeeey Mattie…” You called out and waved once.

He started and looked over to you with a smile. He walked over and took a seat on the curb next to you.

“H-hey (name), how are you doing?” He asked quietly.

“Oh, I’m fiiiiiiine,” you snorted, before frowning. “What’re you doin’ here?”

Matthew coughed once into his hand before awkwardly smiling at you.

“You sort of called me, (name). I think you misdialed though…”

Your cheeks heated up and you covered your hands with your face. Well, that was embarrassing. You really were drunk.

“M’sorry, Matt… You didn’t hafta come…” You mumbled from behind your hands.

You suddenly felt gentle hands on your own, pulling them away from your face. Your eyes met his lilac ones and he offered you a little smile.

“It’s alright, lets just get you out of the cold,” he said kindly.

You slowly nodded and allowed him to pull you up and lead you stumbling to his car. Here he opened the passenger side and helped you get in before shutting the door behind you. He got in the drivers side and turned on the car and the heat, which you hummed happily at.

“Where is your apartment?” He asked you.

You were coherent enough to tell him and soon he was driving off. You shut your eyes in comfort, relived to be leaving the party behind you, when he coughed a little.

“(Name), Jason didn’t hurt you, did he?” He asked, sort of quiet.

“Hmm?” You said opening your eyes. “Oh naaaaaaaw… I mean, he groped me a little but it’s wha’ever…”

Matthew was quiet and you glanced over, surprised to see the angry look on his face as he focused on the road, his knuckles starting to go white on the steering wheel.

“Heeeeeey… It’s okaaaaay… I can handle m’self,” You said frowning and touching his arm.

He briefly turned to you and gave you a small smile.

“I’m just sorry that happened to you, (Name), that’s all.”

You frowned a bit and spent the rest of the car trip in silence. Finally you arrived at the apartment. You fumbled with the door and stumbled a little but he had already come around and caught you.

“Let me take you up to your apartment,” he offered.

You were quiet for a moment before nodding and placing the keys in his hand. He smiled back at you and carefully led you up the stairs to your door. He unlocked the door and you were both in your apartment.

“Well, thanks Mattie…. I should be just fiiiiine… “ You said turning your head and immediately falling on your face. “…ow..” you muttered.

He helped you up off the floor and held your arm to steady you.

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

You nodded; annoyed with the lack of control you had over your body.

Matthew blushed a little before looking at you again.

“At least let me help you into bed, (Name),” He offered.

You stilled for a moment but shrugged. He hadn’t been anything but kind so far. You nodded, leaning a bit into him.

“I s’pose…” you mumbled.

Matthew nodded before leaning down and picking you up bridal style. You blushed a little but still rested your head against his chest. Everything felt heavy and you were really tired. He carried you back to your bedroom before pulling back the covers and setting you on the bed. After helping you out of your shoes, he tucked you into under the cover gently.

“Good night, (Name),” He said. “Call me in the morning if you need anything.”

Matthew shut off the lights and went to the door. You snuggled into your bed. You were definitely tired now. You could barely

“’Kay… Night Mattie… Love you…” you mumbled.

Matthew froze and turned around slowly with his mouth open, but you had already let sleep take you. He sighed and smiled.

“I love you too,” he said softly before locking your apartment and heading home.

That night, you dreamed of blond hair, lilac eyes and misdialed phones. 

Yeah so I'm gonna try and finish all those requests but it's been two years and yeah....
I just posted two.... So we will see, I think I have like 13 more.... 
I'm a crap person I know.... 

~Beagle Bug
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