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Yeah so I'm gonna try and finish all those requests but it's been two years and yeah....
I just posted two.... So we will see, I think I have like 13 more.... 
I'm a crap person I know.... 

~Beagle Bug
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China.full.587461 by BeagleBug

You sat in the little cafe and took another long drawl of your lipstick stained cigarette. You were bored. Nobody
interesting had walked in, not to mention anyone worth robbing. You shook your head, bobbed hair swishing, and crossed your legs. 

You almost felt like pouting, you had worn the “work” outfit today too. A red, loose dress with a black trim, black sash and two long black beaded necklaces. It had curving neckline and came down to your knees. On your feet, a pair of black heels. 

Well looks like I better pack it home, you thought to yourself. 

You took another sip of coffee, preparing to leave when a new man walked in. Your lips curled, and you settled back down. Bingo. 

Yao viewed the cafe with disinterest. He was only here to kill an hour or so. He wore an expensive business suit, his black hair tied into a ponytail. In his own country this was the norm, but he wasn’t in his own country. He was here for business. The stock market was on the rise and Yao being the smart man he was, knew it. 

A waiter quickly seated him at a small table. He ordered a coffee, and thanked the man once it was delivered and pulled his wallet out of his jacket to pay. 

You watched  the man, calculating. He was wealthy, you could practically smell it on him. And he wasn’t from around here, you could tell that too. He was very attractive, and that was just a bonus for you. The man took a sip of his coffee and thats when you made your move. 

“Hello,” you said, standing across from him. 

Yao looked up at the stranger. She was pretty, he had to admit. He straightened out his posture. 

“Hello,” Yao replied politely. 

“Mind if I sit down?” you asked. 

“Not at all.”

You sat down across from him, rubbing out your cigarette on the table’s ashtray. 

“The name’s (Name), and you are?”

“Yao Wang, aru,” he offered, shaking your hand. 

“So Yao, what’s a sharply dressed man like you, doing in a little cafe like this?” You asked, folding your arms. 

Yao cleared his throat, “I have an hour until my business meeting.”

“I knew it!” You proclaimed. “I knew you would have to be in business, looking so smart and cool.”

Yao found himself blushing. You leaned across the table, a smirk on your lips. 

“All the young, handsome men are into stocks and bonds. How’s a girl supposed to keep up?”

Yao cleared his throat again. Give him 12 angry business men, a pile of papers, late work hours, and anxious investors and he wouldn’t even break a sweat. A beautiful girl however, sent him fumbling for social behavior. 

“I-It’s really not all that interesting,” Yao uttered, attempting to play it cool. 

“Really? I can’t imagine anything you do not being fascinating, when you yourself are such a fascinating person,” You blinked your long lashes at him. 

Yao let out a small laugh, “I’m hardly fascinating, Miss (Name). I’m sure you’re more interesting than me, aru.” 

“Look at that,” you said. “He’s a gentleman too. I think I may be in love.” 

Yao turned scarlet, blushing like a tomato and you giggled softly. 

“Mind if I scoot a little closer? So hard to hear you so far away,” you asked. 

This was of course a filthy lie, the little cafe being hardly crowded. Yao however, was so flustered, he simply nodded. You grinned and scooting your chair around the little table, till you were sitting right next to each other. You leaned one elbow on the table, focusing all your attention on him. 

“Yao, you’re not from around here are you? Where are you from?” You said, trying to make him more comfortable with you. 

“China, aru. I grew up there,” he said, blush slowly but surely fading. 

“China! I bet that’s wonderful! I always wanted to travel. China…. I can only imagine!” You replied, this time genuine. 

He laughed again and nodded, “It’s truly beautiful. The markets, the rice fields, the villages. It’s a marvelous place. Have you never traveled at all, Miss (Name)?”

“It’s just (Name) honey, please. And no, never been anywhere. That’s the thing about being a lady with no family or man, you got no money,” you smiled sadly at him. 

“No family?” 

You shook your head slightly. Well that wasn’t supposed to happen. You never shared your personal life, especially not on the job. You looked at Yao, who was looking down at you, small frown on his lips, concern in his eyes. You quickly redirected the conversation. 

“Still could be worse…” You said coyly. 

“How, aru?” He asked cautiously. 

“I could be sitting in this cafe alone, instead of talking to a dashing young gentleman,” You said flirtatiously. 

Yao blushed again, all the compliments from this beautiful lady made him feel strangely warm inside. Yao stammered for a reply and you leaned in closer. 

“I’ve learned in my time to just enjoy things in the here and now, not worry about the future.”

You studied Yao. He was really very good looking, and sweet too. He was also very nervous and that made him very cute as well. 

“What do you say, Yao? Life’s too short, we gotta make sure to live in the moment, or we may miss it.” 

You had scooted and leaned in so close, your faces were inches apart from each other. You smiled and grabbed his tie, pulling him to you and pressing your lips against his. 

You could feel him stiffen, but then slowly begin to kiss you back. His arms moved slowly and his hands ended up on your waist, holding you tenderly. You deepened the kiss, lips moving in harmony and slowly used your free hand to reach into his pocket. Once you retrieved said item, you slyly placed in in the purse in your lap. 

You kept the kiss going a few more minutes to avoid suspicion (not to mention he was really very good). Finally you parted, both of you breathing heavily. You smiled and leaned forward to peck his cheek. 

“Thanks for the moment, Yao,” You said. 

You stood up and slung your purse over your shoulder. Yao watched you go, mouth open, frozen in time, too stunned to do anything. His eyes watched your figure swish out the door. His brain chose to start functioning again. He shut his mouth and smiled fondly. 

What a way to kill time. 

He chuckled and reached into his pocket to retrieve his wallet and leave a tip for the waiter. He frowned when he found nothing, checking the other pocket as well. As he patted himself down, wondering where his wallet could be, a thought struck him. No, it couldn’t be. 

“Damn it, aru!!!!!”

1920's!Con Artist!ReaderxChina~ In the Moment
For :iconhetafan123:
I went with China, I hope you liked it! Again, I have no excuse for the timing. 

Okay, so I love the 1920's, and yeah... Thus this was born... I hope China is all you hoped he would be, I've never written him before. 

I don't own the cover photo
I don't own Hetalia
China owns you (Or wishes)

Yeah so I'm gonna try and finish all those requests but it's been two years and yeah....
I just posted one.... So we will see I think I have like 14 more.... 
I'm a crap person I know.... 

~Beagle Bug
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“Berwald? I want another child…” 

Berwald glanced down at his partner (wife) Tino. The two of them were in bed, Tino’s head resting comfortably on Berwald’s chest. Tino had murmured it so quietly that Berwald almost missed it. The two of them were in a good place for another child. They had a large house, and Tino and Berwald made a good deal of money as furniture designers, a job that allotted quite a bit of free time. 

They had already adopted another little boy Mathias, who had been in their lives since infancy. He was ten now, very happy and healthy. 

Berwald’s brother’s Lukas and Emil also lived with them. It was a very warm, if not slightly dysfunctional, household. 

Tino shifted his head and met Berwald’s eyes. 

“Ber?” Tino asked.

“Alright,” he mumbled. 

Tino smiled and let out a happy sigh, nuzzling closer to his husband and the two of them drifted off to sleep.

“I don’t have to share my room do I?” 

Berwald and Tino had shared the news with the rest of the family over breakfast the next morning. Both Emil and Lukas had seemed happy about the idea, but Mathias still had a few very important questions. Well, they were important to an 10-year-old.

Tino sighed. They had been on this all morning. Mathias had a lot of questions.

“No Mathias, you will not have to share a room. Nor will your little sibling be a mutant alien, smelly, or more important than you,” Tino said patiently.

“Tsk, don’t be dumb kid,” Lukas muttered into his cereal.

“I’m not dumb, you are!” Mathias shouted.

“Psh, whatever,” Lukas said as he flicked a bit of cereal at Mathias’s head. 

This of course, turned into a breakfast food war, with Mathias and Lukas in the middle, while Emil complained that everyone was being too childish and Tino was desperately trying to prevent a further mess in his beautiful kitchen. Berwald chuckled.

Perfect environment for a new kid, he thought.

You were scared. Nothing in the new place was familiar. It’d been a month since you had been taken into custody by the state, for your own safety of course. Your parents had been found unfit and abusive after the police had come to investigate a noise complaint from the neighbors.

The doctor who had examined you found bite marks, bruises, burns and cuts. It was also discovered that you are malnourished and neglected. Social workers and policemen had tried asking questions, but it was no good. Your father’s words rang through your five-year-old head.

If you ever tell you’ll get what’s coming to you, you little bitch.

It didn’t matter though. The police had more than enough evidence to convict your parents. So now you were in foster care. Everyone was really nice, but unfamiliar and intimidating. Especially the men. Your father had always given you the worst of it.


You glanced up from your place in the middle of your tiny new bed. Your new foster mother Mrs. Smith had come into the room with a big smile on her face. She was a nice woman, but she wasn’t your mother. Even through the abuse you still loved your parents, as all children love their parents. 

“(Name), there are some people here to meet you. Don’t be shy, come out and say hi,” she said softly.

You nodded slightly and climbed off the bed. Gathering up the ratty teddy bear that had given you comfort over your life, you pattered out the door. Mrs. Smith gently pushed you along until you arrived in the living room. Sitting on the sofas and chairs were two men. Immediately you felt uncomfortable and hid behind the leg of your caretaker. 

“(Name) these people want to talk to you,” Mrs. Smith said. “Now be on your best behavior, I’m going to pop into the kitchen. I’ll be there if you need me.” 

Panic swelled in your chest as you were left alone with the two strange men. One was smaller; he had blond hair and a kind smile. He didn’t seem, tough. Not like your father and other men you had contact with. The other man was a different story. He was blond as well with a pair of glasses perched on his nose. He was large and his face was unreadable. He looked very tough. 

You stood in the corner, unaware of what to do or what was going on. The smaller man got up from the couch and approached you slowly.  He knelt down on the floor to be at your level. He tilted his head and smiled.

“Hi (Name)! My name is Tino! The man over there is Berwald! We are so happy to meet you!” he said cheerfully. 

You buried your face in your teddy, peeking out at the men. 

“Hello,” you mumbled cautiously. 

Tino smiled and tilted his head to the side. He slowly put his hand out to you. You suspiciously eyed it before slowly wrapping your hand around his index finger and lightly shaking it. Tino smiled brighter and gestured for Berwald to move down to the floor as well. 

The larger man did and you frowned, pushing your face further into the toy. Then you hear a yap. You peaked out of your bear to see a snow white puppy sitting happily in Berwald’s large hands. You gasped in delight. You loved animals. 

“Can I pet him?” You asked, fear temporarily subsiding. 

Berwald smiled at you and nodded.


 You smiled back moved forward, softly running your hand through the little dogs fur, teddy bear momentarily forgotten. It yelped happily and licked your fingers. You giggled in delight. 

“What’s his name?” You asked. 

“Hanatamago,” Tino replied. 

You repeated the name softly and focused on the small animal. Suddenly, it wriggled out of Berwald hands and started running around the room. You cheerfully ran after him, going in circles, while Berwald and Tino laughed from their spot on the floor. You lost track of where you were running though, and tripped over Berwald, landing in Tino’s lap. 

You squeaked, and when you felt hands on your back you flinched and scrambled away. You went straight for the bear and buried your face in it once again. 

“I’m sorry, don’t be mad,” you whispered. 

You risked a peek and were surprised that instead of looking annoyed or angry, Berwald and Tino just looked concerned. 

“(Name), we aren’t mad, it was an accident. And even if we were angry we would never hurt you,” Tino said gently. 

You stared back at them, hesitant trust creeping past your defenses. You knew you shouldn’t, but you believed them.  

It felt good to trust again, if only a little.

You were excited. Tino and Berwald were coming to visit you again. Their visits had become the highlight of your week. They had been visiting for a few months now and you no longer felt nervous. 

A couple of times they had brought two other men named Lukas and Emil. Since you didn't have as much experience with them, you were still a little wary. However, they seemed kind and Tino and Berwald trusted them, and you trusted Tino and Berwald. Once they brought a boy named Mathias with them. They explained he was their son. He was loud and annoying, but he seemed nice too. Plus it was nice to be around another kid for once. 

The doorbell rang, pulling you out of your thoughts. 

“(Name)! Want to get the door?” Mrs. Smith called from the other room. 

“Yes!” you yelled back.

You ran to the door in excitement and turned the handle. There stood Tino and Berwald, with Lukas, Emil and Mathias. 

“Hi!” You chirped. 

“Hi (Name)!” Mathias replied. “Look at my new toy rocket!” 

“Thats nice, it’d be better in pink though,” You said back. 

Mathias suck out his tongue, “Ew, girls are weird.”

You stuck out your tongue back and the two of you went inside, followed by the adults. Mrs. Smith made an appearance, offering drinks, and then left as she always did during these visits. 

You played for a while. Played meaning Mathias “shot” at you with his rocket while you shyly put barrettes in Emil’s hair. The man in question blushing while Lukas snapped photos. Eventually things settled down and you ended up in Berwald’s lap, eating a chocolate chip cookie. 

“(Name)? There is something we would like to ask you…” Tino started.

You looked over him, slightly confused. “Okay.”

“We’ve been thinking a lot about this, and we’ve been wanting to expand the family, add another member. We were nervous when came over here to meet you (Name). But once we saw you, we knew you were the one. We would like to adopt you (Name), make you part of the family. What do you say?” 

You blinked slowly. You felt very warm all of a sudden. You looked around the room, taking in each person. Mathias grinned and held a thumbs up, Emil and Lukas both held small smiles and Tino was also smiling warmly. Finally you looked up at Berwald. He looked down on you fondly, nodding once. 

These men wanted you to be in their…. family. They loved you. 

You couldn’t be happier. 

“Okay!” You shrieked, throwing an arm around Tino, gripping Berwald’s hand. Everyone laughed and you felt more loved then than you had your whole life. Mathias hugged you too, but started talking strictly. 

“Good, I’m happy. But keep all your pink girly stuff out of my room!” 

You poked out your tongue. 

Adopted!Family!NordicsxAbused!Reader~ To be Loved
To :iconxxshadowfan2xx: I'm not even gonna try and make an excuse past lazy and busy. 
I am not qualified to properly write an abused child. I know it would probably take a kid much longer to adjust and they would have more issues, but for the sake of time, I did what I could. 

I don't own Hetalia. 
The Nordics own you. 
:iconfinland: :iconaphsweden: :iconaphdenmark: :iconsexynorwayplz: :iconaphiceland:
Yeah so I'm gonna try and finish all those requests but it's been two years and yeah....
I just posted two.... So we will see, I think I have like 13 more.... 
I'm a crap person I know.... 

~Beagle Bug
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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Um... I can't really draw, or sketch, or paint, or cartoon. I can write... But not in a weepy, blogging way but a..... Well mainly FanFiction... Anyways I love acting and consider myself a movie nerd.... Sooooo yep. Thats that.

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